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Introducing AppsKitPro is a powerful native mobile app builder with patent pending technology that builds fully customizable mobile apps with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Absolutely NO coding or technical skills are required, and the apps created are ready to be submitted straight to Google Play or Apple App Store. Even complete newbies can do this in just a few clicks and build an app for themselves or start an online business to build apps for other businesses. Fully customizable, native apps normally take several thousands of dollars to build. AppsKitPro removes the need for all that and fully automates that process.
What Websites are Today is what Mobile Apps are going to be now & in the future
AppsKit.Pro is a must-have platform for every entrepreneur and business
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Here are some of # appskit.pro’s point-and-click features!
Patent Pending Technology The most versatile App Builder in the World, our unique patent pending technology provides you unprecedented access in designing your apps.
Marketing on AutoPilot This is a set-and-forget it feature, where you can setup different amounts of times that your customers have not been into your business, and have the system send preset messages. For example, you could set up 30, 60, 90-day campaigns and the system will automatically send your messages to customers that have not visited your business for those periods.
Gift Cards Let your customers buy gift cards/certificates for your services & products directly on your website. Use your app for in-store gift card validation & redemption. It's super simple and you can use any device; your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac.
Push Notifications Give you the ability to reward your clients based on actions they preform, for example if they complete their profile, like your social media pages, on their birthday, or even just for downloading your app.
Automatic Emails This is a set-and-forget it feature, where you can setup different amounts of times that your customers have not been into your business, and have the system send preset messages. For example, you could set up 30, 60, 90-day campaigns and the system will automatically send your messages to customers that have not visited your business for those periods.
Integrated Employee Scheduler Fully functioning online employee scheduling system at no charge. Employees can be notified by Push notification and Email about their weekly schedules and will have the ability to always have their schedules on them
Clientele Module Connect with your clients without them downloading your app, create automated follow ups, client-based tasks, and send text messages including images and video to your clients. Increase sales per associate with automation Each sales associate can manage more clients than before by automating work flows, notes and reminders. Never forget a customer with follow-ups and life events Automated reminders help your sales team reach out when you customer is most likely to buy.
Geo Targeted Push Notifications This feature allows you to set a specific area and set a radius around that area, any of your app users that go through this area will receive the specific marketing message you setup. You can setup as many geofences as you would like.
Food Ordering System A Complete online food ordering system that allows restaurants to create visually appealing Categories, and Menu items to be ordered right through the app. PayPal integration allows you to be paid immediately on an order. Also integrates with your website.
Reservation Booking System A reservation booking system is a convenient self-service booking system that can integrate with your existing website where you can customize the entire booking process. With the restaurant reservation system, you can customize the booking process, enable people to book a table through your app or website, manage restaurant availability, and reservations.
Appointment Booking Great for Salons, Spas or any business that sets appointments with their clients. Full booking system for Multiple employees and services – PayPal integration – get paid right through the app
Event Ticketing enable you to list and promote countless events, add multiple ticket types (paid, donation, free, early bird, etc.), upload seat maps, manage bookings, and process various offline & online payments
Timeslot Booking Create booking calendars that will accept multiple bookings per time slot. Perfect for gyms & yoga studios, where they setup classes, minimum and maximum users can be set.
Event Calendars Add events for your users to see in a calendar format, create recurring events and allow users to be aware of all-important dates for your business.
Scratch & Win Include gamification in your apps…where users can scratch off cards in the app to win prizes – just like lottery tickets.
Coupons Design and set up your own coupons inside your app. Have redeem limits and user limits and include images.
Points Rewards
Setup a points-based system and reward customers xx of points per dollar spent. You can setup tangible items and associate a point value to them for your users to spend their points balance such as a) Ice Cream à 50 points b) Cola à 75 points c) sandwich à 100 points
Dollar Rewards
Your users can see a full chronological history of their rewards of their LTV, including rewards earned, used and transferred in or out. This system is based on transactional value – you are able to award a percentage of transaction spend as a reward
Shopping Cart
A full-fledged Shopping Cart is integrated and has an easy administration page providing full control over product pages, orders and invoicing. This is perfect for eCom stores, local businesses and anyone selling their digital, physical or info products through their app.
Smart Reviews
Allows you to canvas your users for online reviews, you are able to incentivize them with reward points, but the magic is that our system will filter your reviews only allowing positive reviews to be posted to your online sites like Yelp Facebook or Google
Container app
Allows you to canvas your users for online reviews, you are able to incentivize them with reward points, but the magic is that our system will filter your reviews only allowing positive reviews to be posted to your online sites like Yelp Facebook or Google
Form Builder
Allows you to create forms to not just gather leads but also with several features that include the ability to send images, voice recordings and even the devices' location from directly within the form with a super-intuitive interface.
Lot of amazing templates! Simply put: your apps will look stunning! And NO coding skills required.
appskit.pro is the ultimate native app creation suite for beginners and expert alike.
Why this is set to be one of your biggest promotions in 2019 The App Building Solution Marketers, Business Owners and Online Entrepreneurs alike have been craving for since years is here… Easily build apps for yourself and for your customers with just a few clicks. Charge your customers monthly fees to maintain the apps you built for them Super easy even for complete newbies as no tech skills required Created to make it amazingly simple to create fully customizable, native apps for Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS systems with just a few clicks. The apps can be created to have loads of amazing features like food ordering, payment processing, scheduling, and many more to cater to any niche…
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Launching On Oct 16th, 2019 @ 10.00 AM EST
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